Lets say I am in need of a private Git repo for a small 3 – 5 person team….  Where should I look?

For this blog post I looked at GitHub and VSTS.  Below is the pricing for both.

From the links above, you will notice that VSTS is the better deal.  Its basically free, plus it includes many additional features!

So, I know I can connect my Jenkins instance to GitHub, but can I connect Jenkins to my VSTS Git repo?  The answer is yes and it’s basically the same process as connecting to GitHub

  1. Create your public\private keys with ssh-keygen
  2. Add your public key to VSTS
    • vsts_ssh.png
  3. Create “SSH Username with private key” Jenkins credential
    • User private key from #1 here
  4. Use this new credential when configuring Git in your new job

Now you will probably want your new Jenkins job to launch when changes are made to the VSTS Git repo.

Below are some of the options you have with Jenkins and VSTS

I must say that Microsoft is really pushing out some cool products!