Heroku + Slack = ChatOps

Heroku is a great PAAS offering.  It has a nice free tier that allows you to deploy an application publicly with little effort.

Heroku also has nice integration with Slack.  It reminds me of the VSTS Slack Bot I blogged about earlier.  With Heroku\Slack you have the ability to deploy GitHub code to a Heroku app using a deployment flow or Pipeline promotion.

Note: You must have your code in GitHub and a valid Heroku account.  After you setup the Heroku ChatOps, you will need to login to both GitHub and Heroku using the “/h login” command from Slack.


From here, you will have the ability to deploy\promote.  Below are the current options you have.


So this is pretty cool!!  If you have Slack on your phone, you’ll be able to deploy\promote from pretty much anywhere!